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The main purpose of these treatments is to improve the appearance of the hands and feet, by shaping the nail, clipping back overgrown cuticles and nourishing the nails

Many nail disorders can be improved with regular treatments.

Full manicures and pedicures include:

Full manicure and pedicure treatments include, clipping and shaping the nail, applying product to lift up cuticles allowing us to clip them back. using a nourishing hand or foot treatment to massage into the skin adding moisture and rehydrating the nails and surrounding skin.  


  • Full manicure - £10
  • Full manicure with art - £11
  • Full manicure with cnd shellac - £24
  • Full pedicure - £15
  • Full pedicure with art - £16
  • Full pedicure with cnd shellac or minx - £27

We also offer mini treatments, which including pushing back cuticles shaping and polishing the nail....

  • Mini manicure from - £5
  • Mini pedicure from -  £5
  • Nail art from - £6.00
  • Children lil diva's mini manicure from - £4.5