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NAIL Enhancements


Creative is a one of the best acrylic products on the market, the special ingredient attaches strongly to the natural nail bed which drastically reduces lifting and promotes longer lasting toughness.

Infills are needed every 2-3 weeks.


  • Full set - £27
  • full set with art - £29
  • Infills - £16
  • 1 nail - £3

Clients are advised to remove any extensions in the correct way, with pure acetone as nail extensions can damage the nail. EXtensions which are removed incorrectly can result in permanent damage to the natural nail bed. Regular manicures can improve the nail quality when the extensions are removed

Crystal nails

Crystal nails are one of the leading manufacturers of high quality nail products. These excellent products gaurantee maximum adhesion that is non yellowing. With this product we are able to extend the nail bed, just as a high heel shoe would make the legs look longer, this application optically lengthens the nail bed, making the finger and nail look longer!

Different colours available for extended tips and can also be mixed colours.

infils are recommended every 3weeks


  • sculpted acrylics - £30
  • Infills - £16
  • extended nail bed - £35
  • 3d nail art from - £5
  • nail replacement - £3.50