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Eye treatments

Tinting and short term lashes

The eyes are the focal point of the face, the purpose of these treatments is to enhance the appearance of the eyes. 

  • Eye lash tint - £6 (can last upto 6 weeks)
  • Eye brow tint - £4 (can last upto 3 weeks)
  • Strip lashes - £7 (1 night only )
  • Party lashes - £10 (can last upto 1 week)

Lash Lift

This technique is great for clients just wanting to enhance their own lashes without the use of lash extensions.
We lift the natural lash from the root using rods and perming solution, giving the appearence of longer looking lashes, this can last up to 6 weeks
  • Lash lift - £16
  • Lash lift and tint - £18.50

 Flash lashes

These are very similar to the semi permanent lashes, we use the same lashes and the same glue but their applied with a quicker method. Usually taking 30 minutes to apply, their great for people who cant lie for too long or simply dont have the time for semi permanents.

  • Flash lashes - £17
  • removal... £5
  • removal and re-place... £20

They do need to be removed proffesionally by us in the salon

HI- brows

Just a few simply steps to the perfect brow.... includes tinitng, waxing, threading, plucking, trimming, growth serum and concealer and powder applied if needed.

  • 7 Steps to the perfect brow - £18

PLEASE NOTE, a patch test is required for the above treatments.