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Semi Permanent Lashes

Classic Semi Permanent Lashes

This is the application of one lash extension onto one natural lash, they are applied with a strong glue to each natural lash to give the look of longer, thicker lashes. They come in a variety of lengths to suit every client. These lashes are best suited to clients with healthy natural lashes.

Full Set - £40

Infill - £20 (recommended every 2 weeks)

Infill after 3 weeks - £25

infill after 4 weeks is charged at full set price

Volume Lashes  Applied by salon owner Jayne

Russian Layered/Varia Lashes 2D-6D

Russian layerering provides client with a high impact glamorous look, the technique is great for clients with sparse natural lashes, as it adds volume giving that dark dramatic lash look. This is a multi lash application, it is an advanced technique that is mastered only by experienced and confident lash technicians.

There is a common misconception that applying more than one lash extension can cause damage and put strain on the natural lash, however, due to the fine quality and minimal weight, we can apply up to 6 lash extensions onto each individual natural lash without any strain caused.

We can also use Varia lashes with the same method but these give a more natural look, as we apply a range of different lengths to each natural lash, have a word with your experienced lash technician to find out what is best for you

Full set 2D-3D - £60

Infill - £25 (recommended every 2-3 weeks)

Infill after 4 weeks - £35

Full set 4D-6D - £70

Infill - £30 (recommended every 2-3 weeks )

Infill after 4 weeks - £40

Tahitian Feathering

The tahitian feathered look was developed in the uk by a highly experienced lash technician. The main benefit of tahitian lashes are to add volume to the natural lash while keeping a soft delicate look. This is particularly benefiticial to clients with sparse lashes who want to give them a volume boost while maintaining a natural appearence. The lashes are ultra lightweight and cause no damage to the natural lashes.

Full set - £60

Infill -  £25 (recommended every 3 weeks)

infill after 3-4 weeks - £30

Lower lashes can be applied also for special occasions. Aftercare must be followed correctly. Patch test required for all of the above treatments